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    1. Hey Benjamin, at 7 years old we recommend just playing a lot of sports, and get outdoors and play as much as you can! Keep up the great work buddy!

      1. Hi my name is liam I was wondering how often should I work out to make it to the nhl I work out 3 times every day hydrating fowl owning the health plan and I do recovery workouts but I am not getting that redials in a game and I feel like I am the best in practice but the worst in games can you help me pls thank you so much.

        1. Hey Liam, there is no right answer as it will depend on your program and schedule. Generally in-season we are doing about 2 workouts per week and some lower intensity work like mobility. During the off-season it’s usually 5-6 days per week of training. Keep up the hard work and you will start to see the results in games!

  1. Hello, my name is Fabi and I am 12 years old (soon to be 13) will I make it into the German ice hockey league with a lot of work? (DEL)

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