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Our mission is to help as many hockey players as we can in taking their game to the “next level” by providing hockey players with our hockey training expertise and our nutritional knowledge.

Training specifically for hockey is now required for anyone hoping to play at any high level of hockey, and we will help you take your game to the next level by telling you exactly how to workout safe and smart in order to improve your fitness levels and most important your on ice performance.

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Meet The Team

dan-garner-hockey-trainerName: Dan Garner
Position: Head Strength Coach and Nutrition Specialist
Highest Level of Sport Played: Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do (International Fighting Experience), Competitive Power lifting
Favorite Hockey Player: Steve Yzerman
Favorite Meal: Meat and Nut Breakfast

I work well with all types of clients as I have had the opportunity to train a wide variety of clientele goals, although I specialize in physique transformation and athletic development. I have a detailed background in training clients with body re-composition and sport performance goals. In the cosmetic category, I have trained tons of general population clientele as well as bodybuilding, figure and bikini competitors. This category is a real professional strength for me because I have been doing it all my life. I am also a certified Sport Nutrition Specialist, BioSignature Practitioner and Precision Nutrition Coach. Having my nutrition certifications allows me to take my clients to the next level with their goals, as any trainer and fitness enthusiast knows nutrition is 100% reflective of your results in and out of the gym. Physiques are made in the kitchen. Specializing in this category has given me the experience to understand and be able to correctly prescribe which training philosophy and nutritional philosophy to apply to the client based on their current lifestyle, goals and genetics.

I am also very comfortable with athletes looking to increase their performance in their respective sport. In this category I have trained hockey players, football players, fighters, soccer players and competitive runners. I am a certified sport conditioning coach and have an overall specialization in nutrition which gives me the ability to prepare athletes physically and nutritionally for the playing field. This includes training towards the clients peak performance level, proper carbohydrate loading prior to competition and which foods and supplements are best suited for their respective sport before, during and after the game. It should also be noted in this category that I have worked with Under Armor in their combine 360 operation in Burlington working with 150+ hockey players.


Name: Kevin McClelland
Position:  Strength Coach Assistant
Highest Level of Hockey Played: Junior
Favorite Hockey Player: Auston Matthews
Favorite Meal: Steak and Potatoes
Motto: “Dream Big”

My passion for sport specific training started early in highschool and has grown ever since. At a younger age I played Junior hockey in Canada, but I have since “retired” from the competitive hockey leagues and enjoy trying to light up the men’s leagues. My passion with sports specific training continues, and I really enjoy helping other hockey players improve their on-ice performance through off-ice training.

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