What Hockey Training Program Is Best For Me?

In the beginning of the HockeyTraining.com days, it was really simple, all that was available was an off-season training program. When you off-season came around, you jumped on it, and that was that.


But, as the years went on our community of hockey players kept getting larger and larger and the word was getting out about what kind of results people were getting on the off-season system. Because of this boost in recognition, we had a lot more attention to our brand and programs. The only point of contention was that this attention wasn’t just from a single demographic, far from it.

Today, we are proud to have:

  • Extremely competitive hockey players looking to reach their maximum potential
  • Youth hockey players all the way from 6 to 14 years old
  • Hockey Mom’s and Hockey Dad’s
  • Coaches looking to enhance their education
  • Adult Men’s and Women’s League hockey players
  • College and Highschool athletes
  • Recreational “weekend warrior” hockey players

And everybody in between.

We are dedicated to providing the hockey industry with the best programs and education available for ALL hockey players, so, we needed to adapt and create programs that are most suitable for each and every player out there.


Because everybody can’t run the same program, physiology just doesn’t work that way.

If you train a youth athlete the same way you train a Men’s League player, you’re confusing the hierarchy of priorities on what is going to create the most meaningful impact on hockey performance at those different stages of life.

In this article, I want to clear up the confusion for some of you who may want to train like a hockey player but are still unsure of what program to pick and what is going to best suit your current needs and schedule.

This page is not meant to be read in its entirety, simply scroll down and find the statement that best matches you.

The standout “No-Brainer” option to me is the Hockey Skills Accelerator package we have here at Hockey Training. This is undeniably the best product offer we have and is suitable for every single person reading this right now.


Because it includes every single program we have ever created. Meaning, no matter who you are or where you’re at right now, there is a program available for you that’s going to suit your needs in the VIP members area.

The value that’s packed into that member’s area is easily worth $10,000+, and that’s not even including the bonuses of being a VIP Skills Accelerator member such as being a part of a video monthly Q/A with Coach Garner to get your personal questions professionally answered, getting access to new content earlier than everyone else, receiving VIP-only exclusive performance hacks, access to the complete library at Hockey Training TV (that’s on top of receiving every single program here at Hockey Training), and access to the Hockey Training Community we have created for VIP members-only for continued support directly from us.

If you’re serious about becoming the best hockey player you can be, or, you want to get something that your entire family can use to support their hockey performance needs, then the Skills Accelerator is exactly what you need.

What Should I Get If I Want To Be A Faster Skater?

For speed development, I can’t understate how important it is to take a complete approach to your overall program design.

Speed training isn’t just doing different hockey mimicking sprinting and jumping drills — Speed training is the combination of 10 different training factors that only a full and comprehensive program can cover.

Because of this, it is always a better choice to go with a complete in-season or off-season program rather than just a select set of exercises because almost all hockey players need to address more areas than one in terms of maximizing their explosive speed.

With that said, if you’re looking for a shorter option due to time constraints you still have the availability of running the Next Level Speed (recommend for players of all ages) or the 1-Month-To-Speed (recommended for players ages 15 and up) programs.

What Should I Get If I Want To Get Better At Everything?

If this is the case, I definitely recommend the Skills Accelerator Program. You just can’t go wrong with getting access to everything we’ve ever done plus the individual attention from Coach Garner you receive as a bonus of being a part of the team.

But to talk about the other comprehensive programs directly, the Off-season Domination program and the In-season Domination program are both your answers to an “all-in-one” hockey training program.

These programs do not need to be mixed with any other program we have here at Hockey Training as they are complete in their design.

Meaning, they are six-month periodized hockey training programs that have all of your weight training, speed work, conditioning, mobility, agility, edge work, skill development, recovery, nutrition, and education built right into them in a logical and sequential manner to continuously progress you in performance as the program goes on.

Adding more work to these programs is like pouring water into a glass that’s already full, you won’t get any more results out of doing that. These are your “one-stop shop” options for year-round domination and are easily our most popular option outside of the Skills Accelerator package.

These programs are best suited for ages 15 and up because they are tough programs that utilize many advanced training techniques.

The athletes going through these systems should be emotionally mature, ready to do some serious work, have excellent weight lifting technique, and truly care about becoming a better hockey player.

I Have a Young Son/Daughter, Can They Train?

Yes, they absolutely can and should be training if hockey is something they love and they want to do everything they can to get better at it.

If you have ever worried about the safety of training youth athletes or heard bad things from local parents, I shot a video on this a while back that I would highly suggest you watch. You can also review the direct scientific literature on this topic here in an article I wrote.

The myths that youth training is bad for our kids are long dead within the real scientific literature, and only exist today in the form of false myths being spread by misguided people.

But of course, just because it’s safe for them doesn’t mean you can train them like adults.

They are at a totally different skeletal and hormonal development stage, not to mention the careful considerations that need to be taken towards their nutrition and motivational psychology (i.e. making it fun) during this stage.

If your little hockey player is between the ages of 6 and 10, the follow along workouts over at Hockey Training TV are a fun, engaging, and excellent option for them to boost their performance.

Then, once they are 10-14 years old, the in-season and off-season youth hockey training programs are going to be perfect for them.

I feel these programming options are the best “base” program any youth athlete could ever run before they move into a more advanced system down the road such as in-season or off-season domination (you have to build the foundation first before you add more stuff on top!).

Beyond this, there is also an incredible amount of explanation behind youth training science and youth-specific nutrition for the parents to go through as well within the member’s area.

I’m A Little Older and Don’t Have A Ton of Time to Train Because Of Family and Career Obligations, But I Still Want to Be A Better Hockey Player, Do You Have Anything for Me?

Absolutely, the Men’s League Domination and Men’s League Annihilation training programs are the perfect fit for this audience.

These programs require only 3 days per week of training and all of the workouts can be completed in an hour or less.

The results from our Men’s League players on these systems have been phenomenal, and we also include plenty of “add-on” options should your schedule allow if you wanted to do more specific work on your weaknesses (e.g. speed, conditioning, agility, edge work, etc.).

Everywhere Men’s Leaguers on these systems are dropping body fat, getting stronger, getting faster, and scoring more goals.


Because training like a hockey player is a lot different than just exercising.

Plenty of people get their weekly exercise in, but very few train through a periodized system for the specific purposes of getting a harder shot, becoming a faster skater, being harder to knock off the puck, and improving overall athletic outputs.

This program is most applicable for the 20+ years old crowd looking to get in great shape and improve their hockey performance, but don’t have the time to fulfill a program such as Off-Season Domination which demands 5-6 days per week of your training time.

I Don’t Have Any Equipment And Want to Train at Home, Can I Still Train Like A Hockey Player?

Definitely, in fact, our Skills Accelerator program and the Hockey Training TV app are a couple of our most popular programs here at Hockey Training.

The Skills Accelerator program contains every program we have ever created here at Hockey Training, which includes bodyweight-only in-season programs, off-season programs, and Men’s League programs.

Beyond this, the Hockey Training TV app was designed for the folks who don’t have access to a gym or any fancy equipment, but still want to train hard, get results and become a better hockey player all while Coach Garner runs you through a workout directly just as if you were working with him 1-on-1.

These programs also make for an excellent option if you are traveling, on-the-road, or can’t make it to the gym one day for whatever reason but still want to get a workout in.

The Hockey Training TV app is set up like a “p90x program” (I may be dating myself with that reference) where you do the workout right along with us and I coach and motivate you through the whole thing. Think of it as the Netflix of Hockey Training. Pick a workout, press play, and get training!

Whereas the Skills Accelerator programming options are a completely periodized training program designed for you to be able to do in your own home and become a better a better hockey player.

I’m a Goalie, Are There Any Goalie-Specific Systems?

You bet, we have in-season and off-season programs that are designed specifically for hockey goalies.

The unfortunate reality is that there just really isn’t a lot of good content out there for goalie-specific training, and yet goalies should be training totally different than the forwards or defensemen.

Goalies need to be incredibly mobile, they have a different conditioning need, they need to be very explosive, and their reaction time needs to be at an elite level every time they step on the ice.

It doesn’t take a sports scientist to realize that goalies shouldn’t be training on the same program as the rest of their team, their needs-analysis for optimal performance is totally different. That’s why I put together these specific goalie programs to give goalies a periodized training and nutrition system to take them to the next level.

Beyond this, I’ve even included a goalie-specific nutrition protocol that I want you to use on a game day to improve your reaction time and get you “in the zone” faster and better than ever before.

This program includes very hard training and is built in a way to create optimal results for goalies, and therefore is advisable only for goalies ages 15 and up.

That wraps up this post about which hockey training is best for you.  To learn more about each program click on the links to each within the article or visit our hockey training programs page.

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