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Hockey training is extremely important for any hockey player who is looking to improve their game.  While we recommend training during the hockey season as well, the off-season is where the real progress is made towards making you a skater faster and better all around player.

Our main focus this off-season is to help you improve your speed, power, explosiveness, agility and conditioning.  You will be skating faster, shooting harder, scoring more goals, and getting noticed on the ice!

2017 Off-Season Hockey Program

Our full 2017 Off-Season hockey program is live!  You can get access to the 2017 Introductory Phase FREE by clicking here.

You can also learn more about the 2017 off-season program in the video below…

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If you’re ready to sign up for the full Off-Season Domination program click on the image below:

Off-Season Domination includes a full 6-Phase Hockey Training program, which will provide you with professional designed hockey training workouts throughout the entire off-season. This includes a full strength program, with conditioning and speed workouts synergized into the program to make you dominant in all facets of the game.  You will notice massive improvements in your speed, strength, power, agility and conditioning – and your teammates are going to be asking you what you did over the off-season!

This includes a full strength program, with conditioning and speed workouts synergized into the program to make you dominant in all facets of the game.  You will notice massive improvements in your speed, strength, power, agility and conditioning – and your teammates are going to be asking you what you did over the off-season!

This 6-month specialized training program is periodized so that you will be peaking, and at your best, for training camp and tryouts.  Your goal shouldn’t be just to play well at tryouts – you want to be that standout and dominant hockey player that everyone watches notices.  Our goal is to help you be that player.

When you step onto the ice at the end of the summer you will be an absolute MACHINE on the ice, with new found speed, explosiveness, and power – and you will be dominating your opponents on the ice.

Click here to get access to our “Off-Season Domination” Hockey Training Program…


The information below is for the 2016 off-season training program, and we will update it with the 2017 program information when we launch in March.  For now check out the information above.

What is included in the off-season hockey training program?

• Five full months of specialized training programs and periodization that will bring you all the way up to the end of August and have you peaking for camps and tryouts

• Five full months customized meal plans to support and enhance your results from the Off-Season Training system

• Five months of conditioning training and workouts to run alongside your resistance training starting in April all the way up to the end of August to have you in the best shape of your life come ice time

• Supplement guides, situational stack options and my personal recommendations to support optimal health and performance

• Full descriptions behind all of the training phases this off-season and the “whys” behind it

• Scientific discussions regarding the physiology of recovery and what recovery strategies hockey players should and shouldn’t be using during the off-season

• Scientific discussions regarding the physiology of hockey specific conditioning and where most hockey coaches go wrong

• Full manual discussing the positive mental and physical adaptations of utilizing a proper warm up

• Full manual discussing the mental aspect behind the off-season and why keeping a notebook and setting goals is extremely important

• FAQ section to cover the most commonly asked questions so you can keep on the right track

• Quick start guide so you can get started today

With well over 100 pages of pure hockey training and nutrition content available at your fingertips, nothing is going to stop you this off-season in making the biggest improvements you have ever made between two seasons.

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Here is what a sample off-season hockey training program schedule looks like:

Phase 1 – March 1st – March 27th (March 28th Week = Deload)
Phase 2 – April 4th – May 1st (May 2nd Week = Deload)
Phase 3 – May 9th – June 5th (June 6th Week = Deload)
Phase 4 – June 13th – July 10th (July 11th Week = Deload)
Phase 5 – July 18th – August 14th** (Deload Prior To Tryouts/Camp)

The dates can be changed depending on when you start your off-season training program and when your next hockey season begins.  Here is another example schedule we have for players starting later in the summer with less time to train:

Example June Start:

*If you start in June we will be skipping Phase 3, as there isn’t enough time to get your body ready for the heavy strength work in that phase. There is also a 4 day mandatory deload where no workouts or conditioning work will be done. This is in place of the regular 1 week deloads after each phase, because of time restrictions. If you have any questions email us!

June 6th – 26th: Phase 1 (3 weeks – no deload week) [Wave 2 conditioning] June 27th – July 13th: Phase 2 (3 weeks – no deload week) [Wave 3 conditioning] July 14th – July 17th: 4 Day Deload – No Workouts or Conditioning *Very Important*
July 18th – July 31st: Phase 4 (2 weeks + no deload week) [Wave 3 conditioning] August 1st – 1 Week Prior To Tryouts: Phase 5 [Wave 4 conditioning]

What is a Deload Week?

A deload week involves giving your body a little bit of break, so that it can recover and get ready for more tough training weeks to come.

These are the different types of deload weeks we will include in our programs:

1. Intensity deload: This where you decrease the amount of weight you use but still perform the same amount of sets and reps.

2. Volume deload: This is where you keep the same amount of weight you were using during your training but perform less sets and less reps.

3. Complete deload: This is where you drop all training for the full week (done before tryouts or training camp)

The importance of deload weeks cannot be understated. The Off-Season Training package this year is brining you 6 straight months of hard training to improve all aspects of your strength and conditioning. Without proper deload weeks being implemented, you would simply train yourself into the ground. The main focus to drive home with the deload is you need to rest and recover, pushing it too hard during this week will only hurt you longterm.

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Off Season Program

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