How This Ankle Skater Morphed Into An Edge Work Master (With Crosby-Like Edge Work)...

Dear hockey player, 

If you want to improve your edge work...

Become the best skater on the ice...

Put opponents in spin cycles with your footwork...

And start creating more scoring opportunities for your team...

Then read every word of this page.  Because we've discovered a hockey breakthrough that is going to change the game for amateur hockey players...

Not long ago I struggled with my edge work on the ice...

I couldn't perform a mohawk turn well, and I was weak on my outside edges (especially my right foot)...

I didn't realize how much this was holding me back out on the ice until I made a transformation that completely changed my game...

Coach Dan (Head Hockey Performance Coach here at gave me a suggestion when I told him about my edge work issues...

I followed his plan and within just a few weeks I felt like Sidney Crosby out on the ice!

OK, maybe I didn't look like Crosby to others 😆...

But I felt amazing on my edges and it completely opened up my performance potential on the ice.

The best part about it?

This is a simple fix that can help hockey players, like you, go from an average skater to an edge work magician within weeks...

And if you struggle with your edge work, this is a simple tweak that you've probably never heard about or thought of...

Cause I know it's not something that skating coaches talk about.


This Is Holding Back Your Hockey Performance

Let me ask you something...

Have you ever tried working on edge work drills and you just can't seem to get it done properly?

I see it all the time...

Young hockey players struggling with their edge work, despite investing hundreds of dollars into skating lessons every year.

"Just keep practicing it, you'll get better"  ... right?


Coach Dan has discovered a major flaw with most hockey players that prevents them from ever becoming good skaters (until they fix the flaw)!

So what is it?

Your Ankles Are The Problem!

With years of experience working with all levels of hockey players (from youth players to NHLers), Coach Dan has found one major problem in all players who struggle with their edge work...

Poor skaters have sub-optimal balance, stability, and mobility within their ankles...

This negatively affects your skating technique from all angles...

And doesn't allow you to master your edge work, no matter how much on-ice work you do!

If you think about it, this makes perfect sense...

When you are skating on an inside or outside edge your ankle is bearing the weight of your entire body (and sometimes at very extreme angles)...

If your ankle doesn't have the stability and mobility to deal with that, it simply won't allow you to perform the movement...

And that's why many hockey players continue to struggle with edge work no matter how much money they fork out for skating lessons...

Having weak ankles is kinda like putting regular tires on a Formula-1 race car...

Sure, you might be able to drive the Formula-1 car, but it won't be able to go full speed or last for very long...

If you have weak ankles you will never have the edge work or skating ability that you could have and you won't meet your hockey potential!

The good news?

Ankle balance, stability and mobility issues are something we can fix in a hockey-specific manner to allow you to become an edge work master...


Edge Work Enhancer

The Proven Formula To Upgrade Your Edge Work, Skating Technique, And Speed So You Dominate The Ice Every Game You Play...

Inside Edge Work Enhancer You'll Get:

[NEW] High-Velocity Ankle Stabilizer Routines

Master your edge work with these easy to follow hockey-specific ankle workouts that will help you improve your ankle stability, mobility and balance

Improve your skating year-round with this specialized edge work training that can be used during the hockey season or off-season

[NEW] Edge Work Pro Flows

Transform into an elite skater with these warm-up and cool down Edge Work Pro Flow routines

Quickly improve ankle stability and mobility by adding these before or after your hockey or training sessions

[NEW] Edge Control Ladder Drills

Upgrade your high-velocity direction change by using these quick feet Edge Control Ladder Drills

Obtain relentless conditioning levels with these unique ankle drills that will improve your quickness, agility, and conditioning together in one training session

[NEW] Explosive FSQ System

Take your explosiveness to the next level with this first-step-quickness system

Unlock new power and quickness on the ice by using these plyometric based edge work drills

[NEW] Anywhere Coordination Creator

Improve coordination from home with these edge work training sessions designed to be used anywhere (even if your space is limited!)

Upgrade your inside and outside edge work by enhancing your ankle stability so you stay stable even at the most extreme end ranges of motion during explosive skating

If You Want To Be An Elite Skater You Need This Hockey Edge Work System

Imagine what it will feel like to finally step out on the ice and have the ability to mohawk like Crosby, or explode out of a stop like McDavid...

It's like you flipped a switch and have morphed into a brand new skater...

You become the skater College Scouts and Pro Coaches look for… 

Because your new edge work and explosive speed is nothing short of jaw-dropping and you're putting on a show out there…

You can become the smooth skater you’ve always wanted to be… 

By using the Edge Work Enhancer system that was created by a trusted Hockey Performance Coach who has helped thousands of hockey players just like you accomplish their goals.

Other Hockey Players Just Like You Are Seeing Their Hockey Dreams Come True!

  • 5 Types of Hockey Edge Work Training - To Ensure You Become A Faster, Better Skater And An Edge Work Master

  • Versatile - Can Be Used Alongside Any Hockey Training Program Or Completely By Itself

  • Professionally Designed - By A High-Level Hockey Performance Coach With Years Of Experience Across All Levels

  • Easy To Follow - With Full Video Demonstrations Of Each Exercise So You Know Exactly How To Do Them

  • Simple To Access - Our Online Member's Area Will Allow You To View The Workouts On Your Phone

  • Printable - Allowing You To Print The Workout Sheets Off If You Choose

  • Guaranteed To Make You A Better Skater!

Now You Too Can Take Your Skating To The Next Level Faster Than You Ever Imagined Possible!

Honestly, we could charge an arm and a leg for this program...

A full edge work training program designed by a professional hockey performance coach who works with NHL players 1-on-1 could and should be thousands of dollars...

But listen...

No Other Hockey Training Program Can Upgrade Your Edge Work Like This One!

I Want To Make This Affordable For ALL Hockey Players...

See, I have a personal goal to help 20,000 hockey players improve their performance and become better this year… 


Because it’s my genuine passion to help players like you make it to the pros… and have more fun and success on the ice. After all— that was me not too long ago. A hockey player who just wanted to get better and gain the accolades and confidence that come with it.  


That’s why I’m going to offer you a massive discount to access the Edge Work Enhancer System. Now… 


If you wanted a hockey-specialized trainer, like Coach Dan, who works directly with NHL players and thousands of Junior and University hockey players to create something like this for you personally… you’d be looking at a minimum of $1,000-$2,000.


However, when you join the Edge Work Enhancer System, it won't be the $1,000-$2,000 mentioned above.

Nope, it isn't even $500...

This system is invaluable for any hockey player who wants to improve their edge work and skating, and this system should cost much more than it does...

As an exclusive online offer, I'm offering the Edge Work Enhancer for just $97!

Yup, just $97 as an exclusive offer for you - A fraction of what you'd expect to pay for everything inside.

If you're serious about taking your skating and edge work to the next level, get pumped.  Because...

You're getting a professional hockey edge work system, that you can use on-demand, without having to fork over thousands of dollars for a personal trainer...

And listen... that's not all I want to give you.

I want to make this decision a complete no brainer for you.  And that's why when you join the Edge Work Enhancer System, I'm going to "give away the farm" on this page only...

6 Fast Action Bonuses When You Join Edge Work Enhancer TODAY ($424 Value) Absolutely FREE!

FREE Gift #1: Hockey Hip Fix Program

Full access to our brand new Hockey Hip Fix program that will help you unlock your hips so you can move flawlessly on the ice

Increase your skating speed and technique by using these extra hip mobility routines during the hockey season

Perfect the Mohawk skating technique with all-new lower body fluidity so you can skate just like your favorite NHL star and become a shifty player

Regularly $39 - but included FREE with Edge Work Enhancer when you join today!

FREE Gift #2: Hockey Skills Drills

At-home training drills you can use throughout the season to enhance your skills

Improve your shot power and accuracy so you can pick corners and rip pucks past goalies at will

Obtain mesmerizing stickhandling skills that will put d-men in spin cycles and disorient opposing goalies

Regularly $29 - but included FREE with Edge Work Enhancer when you join today!

FREE Gift #3: Hockey Speed Presentation

On-demand video recording of Coach Dan's live Hockey Speed Development Masterclass

Learn how to properly train hockey speed so you can train like a pro hockey player

Discover hockey speed training techniques and tweaks that you can apply to unlock your true speed potential

Regularly $49 - but included FREE with Edge Work Enhancer when you join today!

FREE Gift #4: Hockey Conditioning Presentation

Exclusive video recording of Coach Dan's live Hockey Conditioning Masterclass presentation

Discover the hockey training secrets to avoid getting tired, heavy legs late in the game and improve your cardiovascular endurance 

Learn the mistakes that many hockey players make with their conditioning training that is holding back their on-ice performance

Regularly $49 - but included FREE with Edge Work Enhancer when you join today!

FREE Gift #5: Accelerated Results Package

Achieve faster results on the ice with our Accelerated Results Package (Hockey Meal and Smoothie Recipe Guides, Goal Setting Notebook, Grocery List, and More)

Perform at elite levels by using the hockey-specific nutrition quick access guides that all hockey players need to have if you want to play to the best of your abilities

Regularly $97 - but included FREE with Edge Work Enhancer when you join today!

FREE Gift #6: On-Ice Edge Work Drills

Edge work instruction and drills from world-famous hockey skills coaches

Featuring Max Ivanov (2-time Stanley Cup Champ with the Penguins) and Steve From BK Hockey (Pro-level Coach)

Become the player known for having unreal edge work after learning the skating tips and drills in this video series (includes 11 beginner/intermediate drills +  5 advanced drills!)

NOT FOR SALE PUBLICLY - but included FREE with Edge Work Enhancer when you join today!

Make the investment into becoming a better hockey player today and lock in your discounted price by clicking the button below…

To make your decision as easy as possible today… and to give you complete peace of mind purchasing the Edge Work Enhancer, I want to offer you a 60-day 100% money-back triple guarantee.


If you don't notice a big improvement with your edge work… If you don't start scoring more goals and helping your team win more games… Or even if you just don't enjoy the system...


If for any reason you aren't 100% satisfied with the Edge Work Enhancer System, just email me and let me know. I’ll refund your full payment without question or any hard feelings.


That’s how confident we are that you will absolutely love the system and unlock amazing results on the ice.


So let's get you started now! Click the button below to purchase the Edge Work Enhancer System!

100% Satisfaction Triple Guarantee

The Edge Work Enhancer system was designed to be "No Equipment Needed"!

This means you can go through the Edge Work training without any equipment. We do recommend an agility ladder and band, but we have substitutions if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. What Equipment Do I Need Access To For The Training?

No, this program is 100% online in our member's area. Thankfully with the way the internet has evolved, we can offer a fully digital program, which has kept costs at a fraction of the price they would be otherwise.

Once you have signed up you will create a username and sign into the member's area. From there you can access and download all of the program's material.

Q. Will I Receive Anything In The Mail?

This system is for hockey players of all ages!  Because this is a bodyweight-only system it is safe and effective for players as young as 8 years old, all the way up to the oldest of adult league players!

Q. What Age Groups Is This System For?

Q. What If We Aren't Happy With The System or Results?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We are very confident you will love the Edge Work Enhancer hockey training system and see big improvements with your skating, but if for any reason you aren't satisfied you can contact us within 60 days for a full refund.  

Simply contact us through our blue live chat bubble on our website, or through email  and we will cancel your account and provide you with a refund.

Q. How Long Will It Take To See Results?

Usually within just a few weeks!  This all depends on the individual player, as all players are at different stages in athletic development, but generally, we have players tell us they've seen big improvements in just 2-3 weeks with this edge work training.

Q. Alright, I'm Ready! How Do I Get Signed Up?

Awesome, I'm excited to have you join the Hockey Training team and can't wait to see the results you'll see on the ice!

All you need to do is click the blue button below and fill out your details.  Once that's complete you will receive an email receipt and a welcome email which will both have instructions for getting signed up for the member's area.  

I'll see ya on the inside!

Q. Can I Use This System With Another Hockey Training Program?

Yes! It was designed to be used alongside any hockey training program you are currently on (or can also be done on its own if you aren't following a training program currently).

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