Inject Explosive Speed... Powerful Shots... And Elite Conditioning Into Your Hockey Game With Bodyweight Training You Can Do At Home


What if I told you that you could train like a hockey player from the comfort of your own living room?

And that these workouts, done at home, could help make you a better hockey player!

It isn't always easy getting to the gym... 

Life is busy, and sometimes we just don't have time to make it to the gym...

But even if you can't make it into the gym, you can still train like a hockey player from home...

And you can do it without any gym equipment or machines!


Bodyweight Hockey Training Program

The Bodyweight Only Hockey-Specific Training Program To Upgrade Your Speed, Agility, Conditioning And Dominate The Ice To Have Your Best Hockey Season Ever...

We've taken all of the guesswork out of your at-home bodyweight training with our New Bodyweight Hockey Training Program...

This is a full 6-phase hockey training program with workouts that you can do within the comfort of your own home - with little to no equipment needed!

The workouts do not require any machines, barbells, or dumbbells and your own bodyweight will provide the resistance for every exercise within this hockey training program.

And the best part? 

Despite not using fancy and expensive equipment, these are still GREAT hockey workouts that will help you become a better hockey player!

Coach Dan has created this 6-phase bodyweight hockey training program so that you can take your hockey game to the next level within weeks!

This program uses only your bodyweight as your resistance when training, so you won't need access to barbells, dumbbells, or expensive machines and equipment...

In fact, the only piece of equipment we recommend is a simple chin-up bar, which can be purchased or built very inexpensively and placed in a home doorway or unfinished basement ceiling (and if you don't have one we will provide exercise substitutions).

Yup, these workouts use only your own bodyweight and can be done virtually anywhere!

These workouts still hit the exact muscles and energy systems that you need as a hockey player to:

  • Increase Your Power and Explosiveness So That You Can Skate Faster and Blow By Opponents On The Ice

  • Improve Your Strength and Balance Allowing You To Be Stronger On The Puck And Win Puck Battles (Even Against Bigger Players)

  • Develop Better Conditioning Levels So That You Are Full Of Energy Every Shift And Skating Fast For The Entire Game

  • Improve Mobility and Flexibility To Become A More Fluid Skater So That You Can Be More Agile And Dangle Around Opponents

  • Increase Your Overall Confidence So That You Trust Your Abilities On The Ice, Score More Goals, And Lead Your Team To More Wins

  • Set Yourself Up For The Best Hockey Season Of Your Life By Improving Your Overall Athleticism This Summer So You Can Dominate Next Season!

Included in each phase is a Speed Workout, Conditioning Workout, and Upper, Lower and Total Body Workouts.

This gives you up to 5 full hockey workouts to do at home each week in each phase, with the phases building on each other and providing more intense workouts as you go along so that by the end of the 6-phases you will be a completely re-built and dominant hockey player out on the ice!

How You Will Become A Better Hockey Player In Just Weeks!

I'll get to the price and the discount you'll receive today in just a second...

First take into consideration that if you were to get a training program like this created for you an average trainer would usually charge $500-$1,000...

And if you wanted a hockey specialized trainer, like Coach Dan, who works directly with NHL players and thousands of hockey players, they will often have a much higher rate...

You could be looking at $1,000-$5,000 to have a program like this created for you...

The good news?

We wanted to make this affordable for all hockey players...

We have a goal here at to help 20,000 hockey players this year improve their performance and become better hockey players.

With that, we offer a massive discount on all of our programs.

This Bodyweight Hockey Training Program is invaluable for any hockey player who wants to improve their performance on the ice, and this program should cost more than it does...

It won't be the $500, $1,000 or $5,000 mentioned above...

Nope, it isn't even $300...

This full Bodyweight Hockey Training Program is just $97 today!

Yup, just $97 - a fraction of the price you'd expect to pay and the true value of this program!

Tap on the blue button below, and we will see ya in the member's area!

I'm In! What's The Cost?

To make this even more of a no-brainer we're buying a couple of free gifts for you today out of our pockets...

But Wait, I've Got Some FREE Gifts For You!

FREE Gift #1 - "Hockey Skills Drills" Program

When you sign up for the Bodyweight Hockey Training Program today you will receive full access to our "Hockey Skills Drills" Program in the member's area absolutely free - we will pay for this one out of our pockets for you!

This program includes off-ice skills workouts for stickhandling and shooting that can be done at home with minimal equipment.  

And it includes video demonstrations of each drill and training sheets to follow for those young players to put in the extra skills work from home!

This Hockey Skills Drills program is one of our most popular programs and sells for $29, but is included FREE today when you sign up today!

FREE Gift #2 - Accelerated Results Package

In order to get you faster results this off-season, we've put together an "Accelerated Results Package" that we're including as another FREE gift...

This package includes our Recovery Strategy Guides, Hockey Supplement Guide, Healthy Meal and Smoothie Recipes, and our Goal Setting Notebook…

Each of these manuals is packed full of quality information and techniques you can use to accelerate your results from your training sessions…

The Accelerated Results Package is sold for $97 on our website, but again is included as a FREE GIFT for new members of the Bodyweight Hockey Training Program…

Coach Dan taught a live masterclass on Hockey Speed Development, and we made recordings of the live presentation.

This video teaches hockey players how to properly train their speed and become faster skaters.

It sells on our website for $47, but is included FREE today with the Bodyweight Hockey Training Program!

FREE Gift #3 - Hockey Speed Development Presentation

This presentation recording teaches hockey players everything about hockey conditioning and how to properly train the energy systems used by hockey players.

You will learn how to avoid getting tired, heavy legs late in the game through proper hockey conditioning training.

This Hockey Conditioning Masterclass video sells on our website for $47, but is also included FREE for you today!

FREE Gift #4 - Hockey Conditioning Presentation

A full 1-hour presenation on off-season training for hockey players.  In this video you will learn how hockey players need to train during the off-season with reference to the scientific literature surrounding hockey-specific and sport-specific training.

This Off-Season Hockey Training presentation will be listed on our website for $47, but is uploaded in the member's area for you (FREE)!

FREE Gift #5 - Off-Season Hockey Training Presentation

The Bodyweight Hockey Training Program includes some amazing Speed and Conditioning workouts, but many of them require a bit of space to perform the exercises (sprints, agility drills, etc)...

For those times when you don't have a lot of space to train (winter, small backyard, etc) we've included 6 "Limited Space" Speed and Conditioning workouts that you can do from the comfort of your home!

These are an exclusive gift for our Bodyweight Hockey Program members and aren't for sale on our website, but are uploaded in the member's area for you as a FREE gift!

FREE Gift #6 - "Limited Space" Speed and Conditioning Workouts

Make the investment into becoming a better hockey player today and lock in your discounted price by clicking the button below…

As with all of our hockey training programs, we stand completely behind this Bodyweight Program and are offering you a 60-day 100% money back triple guarantee.

If you don't notice a big improvement on the ice including becoming a faster skater, if you don't start scoring more goals and helping your team win more games, or even if you just don't enjoy the training...

Whatever the reason, if you aren't 100% satisfied you can email me at and let me know. I will refund your full payment without question.

That is how confident we are that you will absolutely love the program and notice great results and improved performance on the ice.

Let's get you started now! Click the blue button below to join the team!

100% Satisfaction Triple Guarantee

You can get away with having no equipment at all, but we recommend a chin-up bar for training the grip (important for shot power) and back muscles (also important for shooting and upper body power). These are inexpensive to buy and hang in a doorway or build in an unfinished basement. You can also use monkey bars at a local park!

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. What Equipment Do I Need Access To For The Training?

No, this program is 100% online in our member's area. Thankfully with the way the internet has evolved, we are able to offer a fully digital program, which has kept costs at a fraction of the price they would be otherwise.

Once you have signed up you will create a username and sign into the member's area. From there you can access and download all of the program's material.

Q. Will I Receive Anything In The Mail?

This program was designed for all hockey players 15+ years old. We recommend our Youth Bodyweight Program for players 14 and younger.

Q. What Ages Is This Program For?

Q. Can't We Just Do The Workouts You Posted on YouTube?

While the workouts we posted on YouTube and our website are great for hockey players, you will see much better improvements if you are following a professional designed hockey-specific program.

There is a big difference between workouts and a program.

A workout is great and will definitely help, but it's when you combine workouts in a special process (using periodization techniques) that will turn those workouts into an actual hockey-specific program that will provide massive results out on the ice.

If you are serious about improving on-ice performance we highly recommend using this program over just randomly selecting hockey workouts.

Q. What If We Aren't Happy With The Program or Results?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We are very confident you will love the Bodyweight Hockey Training Program and see big improvements on the ice, but if for any reason you aren't satisfied you can contact us within 60 days for a full refund.  

Simply contact us through our blue live chat bubble on our website, or through email (support at and we will cancel your account and provide you with a refund.

Q. How Long Will It Take To See Results?

Usually within just a few weeks!  This all depends on the individual player, as all players are at different stages in athletic development, but generally, we have players tell us they've seen big improvements in just 3-6 weeks.

Q. Alright, I'm Ready! How Do I Get Signed Up?

Awesome, I'm excited to see the results you're going to get this off-season! 

All you need to do is click the blue button below and fill out your details.  Once that's complete you will receive an email receipt and a welcome email which will both have instructions for getting signed up for the member's area.  

I'll see ya on the inside!

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