Below are testimonials from hockey players who have used any of the HockeyTraining.com hockey training programs!

brandon-greenside“Coming off shoulder surgery that ended my hockey season early last year I knew this summer would be critical to making a full recovery and improve on my strength and conditioning in order to prepare for this upcoming season.

My solution to getting these results accomplished started with seeking out the help of local strength and nutrition coach Dan Garner. He has an amazing amount of strength training and nutrition knowledge that has helped me get into top notch shape for this upcoming season. I highly recommend that you pick up his Elite Hockey System training program if you’re serious about becoming a better hockey player and taking your game to the next level.

As a result of this program I have gained back what I lost post-surgery in addition to improving my overall strength, explosive power, and endurance. Thanks Dan!”

Brandon Greenside
– Friesland Flyers, Dutch Eredivisie


“Hi my name is Craig Gallo,

Craig Gallo HockeyI have played 4 seasons in Sweden, 1 in Germany and 1 in Australia.

“What the heck am I going to do today?” that’s what I said to myself every time I went to the gym. First of all I have never had the drive and determination to go to the gym everyday. I know it’s a vital part of the game these days and something I’ve had to work on. Once I got there I felt nervous as though I was making a fool of myself. Everyone was watching me walk around aimlessly as I would pick up weights here and do machines there. I only knew what I had experienced from other friends or seen in a Men’s Health magazine.

Then one day I met Kevin at the gym and we talked about what I was doing and why I was doing it. I told him, I know I have to work my legs to be stronger and faster. I know my core should be strong and like everyone I want to do arms and chest because it looks good. He told me about HockeyTraining.com

Once I started with HockeyTraining.com I only had 4 weeks until I was suppose to be overseas for training camp. He told me to work with the Next Level Xpress program, as it was better suited to get me in the best shape in the shortest time.

I used the program and had never felt better going into a training camp. I was told I was skating faster than ever before from my teammates. It was a great feeling. I ended up having a great year. I was in the top 5 on my team in points during the regular season and if not for an injury I could have finished higher. The best part was that come playoff time I had more strength than before. I was able to lead my team in points in the playoffs and we qualified to the higher division!

I want to thank Kevin for his help and the hockey training program for getting me in the best hockey shape of my life. I am still playing hockey overseas and I still use the program today.”

Craig Gallo
-Kalmar HC, Sweden


sean-hockey“Since I have started the workout and nutrition program (exactly one month) the main improvements that I have noticed are that my 8 rep squat weight has gone from 295lbs to 335lbs, my 6 rep bench press has gone from 185 to 225, and I have gone from being able to to 6 pull ups to 10 pull ups. I have also noticed huge improvements in my balance from doing the balance exercises and the hockey specific exercises.

Since I have been on the nutrition program I have gained 4lbs (205-209lbs) of good weight, I have become more lean, I have constant energy throughout the day and my rate of recovery is way better. The “meat and nut” breakfast took some getting used to, but I find a huge difference in the energy I have throughout the day.

I can’t wait to see what phase 2 has to offer. This program is allowing me to reach my full fitness potential for the upcoming season. Thanks Coach Garner!”

-Sean Fraser, Canada


kaan-testimonial2“I almost gave up playing hockey, until I discovered your program. I saved money for quite a while and got signed up for it right away. After following the program and free info you share, the federation called me for national trials – which means I am now one of the best 35 players in my country. I can’t thank you enough for the program and all the free information and advice you share. Discovering your program was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.”

-Kaan Ozgencil, Turkish National Team


brian“Fitness is paramount to me because it is a part of my lifestyle and is necessary for my job.  I am a Deputy Sheriff and have been a SWAT officer for the last 20 years.

Previous to giving the programs produced by Dan and Kevin a try, I was very heavily involved in high intensity weight training for years. I achieved slow- but steady-results.  However, there were always certain aspects that never seemed to make a marked improvement such as initial explosiveness and strength while changing direction, explosiveness and balance at the extreme points of the range of motion, etc.

I started the EHS and Men’s League Domination systems over the summer this year.  I expected I might learn “a few new things” but did not have any expectation that changing over my conditioning program to your systems could make the difference it has.  I could never have predicted the results and I would not have believed the dramatic improvement had I not experienced it myself.

Within three weeks I actually could see and feel a dramatic difference in points that I knew were weaknesses.

To put it simply, I have gotten much better results with strength gains, appearance, ON ICE performance and at my job than I could have ever dreamt was possible.  Aesthetically I look like a different guy.  I ran into a good buddy I had not seen since the summer and he said “man-what have you done?  You look totally different-what training system are you using?”

Note – I was in very good shape before starting these systems.  So these are not the “you just started training so of course you will change everything”- type gains.

The systems that you guys have put out have maximized my results not only on the ice but increased my effectiveness at the workplace, and greatly reduced likelihood of injury.  I am greatful that my wife actually found you guys online and pointed it out to me.  I have recommended you guys to my team, my coworkers, and my son (who is in the armed services). Thanks for a great product and keep it coming!”

– Brian, SWAT Officer, United States


nick“I just started playing ice hockey 3 years ago (I had played some street hockey, and knew how to ice skate) I had never played an organized game, but now I’m hooked! I will do whatever it takes to get better on the ice. I know I have to work even harder to get better since I’m so far behind most players. Kevin and Dan have not only given me the knowledge but the motivation to start a workout regiment and stick to it. I am on the last leg of phase 1 and have seen dramatic improvements on and off the ice. Through their knowledge my day is structured around hockey. From the amount of water I drink to what I eat to what I supplement with. I just finished my current season with 6 goals and 9 assists as a defenseman! I couldn’t be happier with the help and support I received from kevin and dan. Thank you so much guys. I’m looking forward to phase 2 along with the speed and agility program!

– Nick Sullivan