Hockey Training Programs

On this page, you will find a list of our hockey training programs for players of all skills and ages.

If you are serious about becoming a better hockey player we have something to help you.

Exclusive “All-Access” Hockey Training VIP Membership

This is an all-access pass for the hockey player who is ready to take his/her game to new heights and start dominating on the ice.

You will receive help with your hockey:

  • Speed
  • Scoring
  • Mindset
  • Conditioning
  • Strength Levels
  • Overall Performance

As a VIP member, you will receive access to exclusive hockey training content, including on-ice training videos where we bring on high-level guest hockey coaches to teach stickhandling, shooting and skill work.

Hockey On-Ice Training Programs

On top of the exclusive on-ice training videos, you will receive access to the private Hockey Training VIP group, where we share mindset and motivation tips, bonus workouts, exclusive hockey training videos, as well as offer a live Q&A session monthly to answer any specific hockey training questions our VIP members have.

Hockey Training Coaching

If becoming a better hockey player is something you are serious about – this is what you need to get there!

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Youth Hockey Training Program

Youth Training ProgramIf you want to help your child become a better hockey player and have more fun on the ice you need to get them started with one of our Youth Hockey Training Programs.

These youth programs will teach you cutting-edge and safe training methods for youth athletes, and provide a training program that they can follow at home.

Hockey parents need to ignore the myths that training at a young age is harmful – it’s only harmful if the kids are following programs made for adults, are using heavy weights, and are performing the training with poor technique.

Smart youth training can help set up your child’s athletic potential for the future, so do your kid a favor and help them become the star hockey player on their team!


We have youth programs for players ages 8-14!

Equipment Needed?

We have both a bodyweight only program that will require no equipment at all, and for our older youth players (12+) we have an optional gym program for players with access to standard gym equipment.

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Next Level Speed 2.0 Program

One of the biggest complaints we hear from hockey players is that they lack explosiveness on the ice and struggle to get to the top speeds that they need to in order to be a dominant player.

Does this sound familiar? Don’t worry you aren’t alone. Even the best athletes can struggle with power and explosiveness on the ice.

This is when the Next Level Speed 2.0 Hockey Workouts come into play.

Next Level Speed 2.0 is a full 3-phase hockey training system that is designed to turn you into a completely new, and blazing fast player.

We will be working on your acceleration, explosiveness, agility, and quickness and have you dominating on the ice.


This program was designed for hockey players 14+.  We recommend players 13 and younger start with our Youth Hockey Training Program.

Equipment Needed?

A large number of the exercises will require no equipment at all, but with that said, you should have access to some equipment found at a gym.

For example, we use a medicine ball pretty regularly throughout the program, and a box for box jumps.  If you have only a medicine ball you will be fine to do the program!

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Men’s League Hockey Training Program

Men’s League hockey is just for fun, but it’s a lot more fun when you’re winning games and scoring goals.

We’ve designed the program to help you skate faster, get in better hockey shape so you can have energy for the entire game, and become an all-around more dominant player out there on the ice.

Us older hockey players don’t have as much time to spend in the gym as the younger elite players, so this training program was designed with just 3 intense workouts per week, and the workouts are designed to get you in and out of the gym in under an hour.


This program was designed for hockey players 19+. No prior training experience is needed, as we walk you through everything.

Equipment Needed?

You will need access to a full gym.  The program will use the equipment found at a standard fully equipped gym.  If there’s an exercise you can’t perform you are always able to message us for a substitute!

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Goalie Training Program – “Engineered Shutouts”

Goalie Hockey Training ProgramThe biggest mistake goalies are making in modern-day hockey is training on the same program as the rest of their team. Although comradery is built in the gym when everybody is training together, comradery is a far cry from true sports performance program optimization.

Remember, you’re in the gym to become a better goalie, not a better weightlifter. Goalies have incredibly different mobility, strength, power, agility, conditioning, reaction time, and speed demands than their defensive and offensive counterparts. Because of these differences, you need to train for your unique position to support your unique needs.

Although, it’s not your fault. As it currently stands there is very little concrete and proven advice out there for the goalies who want to take their game to the next level by utilizing a goalie specific off-ice training program. That changes today.

The Engineered Shutout workouts include 3 phases that will have you stopping more pucks than ever and have you entering each game with the cool, calm, confidence that is a known trait of the NHL greats. It also includes goalie specific game day nutrition and workouts you can do with no equipment at all!

If you want to take your game to the next level you need to be the goalie your team can rely on in those high-pressure moments. The Engineered Shutouts Goalie Training Program will take you to that elite level.


This program was created for hockey players 15+. For younger hockey goalies we recommend starting with our Youth Hockey Training Program.

Equipment Needed?

A standard gym will have the equipment you need for these goalie-specific workouts (dumbbells, barbells, machines, etc).

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1-on-1 High-Level Coaching Package

WARNING: This is only for serious hockey players.

Although we have a ton of great hockey training programs to choose from here at, the best option for all athletes is always to have a 100% customized program created for your individual needs.

This is where the 1-on-1 high-level coaching package comes into play.

Coach Garner will work with you 1-on-1 to create an individualized hockey training and nutrition package to ensure you are crushing your performance goals.  Of course, this is a high priced package, as you are working 1-on-1 with Dan, but it is worth every penny if you are serious about becoming a better hockey player.

This program is by application only.

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More About Hockey Training Programs:

There are two different “seasons” for a hockey player – the in-season and the off-season.  Hockey players need to be training differently during these two seasons in order to get the most out of their hockey training and improve on the ice.

The off-season is when hockey players will need to have a 100% focus on their training and work hard at getting stronger, more powerful and more explosive, which will directly transfer to being faster, more explosive and all around better on the ice during the season.

A professionally designed hockey training program is necessary to ensure you are going through the proper periodization so you come into training camp or tryouts at your best.

During the season our goal is to maintain the improvements and gains we made during the off-season so that we can perform at a top level throughout the season and stay injury free.

Hockey players that don’t have a proper hockey training program in place to follow during the season will often get weaker, more injury prone, and start to decline at the end of the season when the most important games are being played.

We create our in-season hockey training programs to ensure that you will be dominating your opponents all the way throughout your hockey season.