How To Become a Dominant, Stand-Out Hockey Player Next Season...

Whether you want to score more goals next year, make a higher level team, move up to your team's first line, or just become a better hockey player all around, you will need to follow a hockey training program this off-season...

Long gone are the days when hockey players can show up to training camp or tryouts out of shape, and expect to make an impact...

Those are the players who end up riding the pine, getting put in the coaches bad books, or even worse, get cut from the team they are trying out for.

So what about YOU?

Because you're on this page I know that you are a serious hockey player...

You love the best sport in the world, and you will do anything to become a better hockey player.

You dream about lighting it up on the ice, winning championships with your team, and playing high levels of hockey...

And you can't imagine the embarrassment of riding the pine, or worse, getting cut from the team you're trying out for this upcoming season.

I know all about this, because I'm just like you...

My name is Kevin, and I'm the founder here at

I grew up loving the game of hockey, and dreaming about someday playing in the NHL (like most young Canadian hockey players)...

I was always a fairly good player, but any time I tried to make the jump to the next level I found myself either as a 3rd or 4th liner that didn't get much playing time, or outright cut from the team I was trying out for...

Man, did that suck...

Having a coach or GM cut you from a team and ruin your dreams of someday playing hockey professionally was one of the worst feelings I've gone through...

Back then I used to blame the coach and think it was unfair...

But now, looking back at it, it was MY fault.

Maybe I was good enough to make the team, or be on one of the top 2 lines...

But I never made it an easy decision...

I never was that stud, stand-out player that everyone noticed on the ice...

The player that absolutely dominated in tryouts, making it a no-brainer for anyone watching.

I always wanted to be that player, but never was.

And here's my biggest regret...

I never trained properly as a hockey player.

Back 15 years ago when I was a teenager the hockey training information we had wasn't as easy to access as it is nowadays...

But it was out there. And if I was smart enough I would of been training like a hockey player...

Instead, I found myself wasting time in the gym with workouts that didn't really translate onto the ice.

But here's when things changed...

I had a strength and conditioning coach create a hockey specific training program for me.

I told him I wanted to skate faster, be in better shape so I could still feel fresh in the 3rd period, score more goals and basically just dominate on the ice.

He created a hockey training program that changed the game for me.

Within weeks I noticed I was skating faster, my legs were fresh later in games, and naturally I started to score more goals and become that dominant player I wanted to be.

Over the next few months I went from an average player to consistently being one of the fastest skaters on the ice, and a dominant stand-out player that racked up points game in and game out.

So who was that strength and conditioning coach that designed this hockey training program for me and instantly made me a better hockey player?

Coach Dan Garner, who is now my partner here at and the brains behind all of the hockey training programs and workouts.

Dan is a popular strength, conditioning, and nutrition coach and that works with many professional athletes, including multiple NHL players 1-on-1.

He has invested thousands of dollars in education, courses, and certifications and has put in the hours in the trenches to ensure he is one of the most knowledgeable and best coaches out there.

And the results speak for themselves...

Not only does he have plenty of happy professional athletes and NHL players as clients, we also have hundreds of hockey players using our programs at with great results!

So, Are You Ready To Take Your Game To The Next Level?

In 2015 Coach Garner created a game changer in the hockey training world.  We launched our 'Next Level Performance' off-season program, and had hundreds of hockey players of all ages from all over the world follow the program for the past 2 years.

The results were amazing.

Hockey players following the program were reporting that they were skating faster, scoring more goals, and becoming all around better hockey players.

But instead of sitting back Dan has been putting in the work and used his experience and gained knowledge to create a brand new and improved off-season hockey training program.

This is the most complete Hockey Training Program available online.

Today I want to introduce and give you access to our newest off-season hockey training program "Off-Season Domination".

Off-Season Domination is a full done for you hockey training system that will have you skating faster, blowing by opponents, scoring more goals, and all around dominating on the ice.

The name for the training program came naturally to us as our goal is to have every hockey player who follows it absolutely dominate on the ice.

And not just in one facet of the game...

We are going to make you the fastest skater on the ice, so you can blow by opponents...

We are going to get you in the best hockey condition, so you can skate fast for all 3 periods...

We are going to make you powerful and agile, so you can explode with the puck and score more goals...

We are going to make you stronger than your opponents, so you can out muscle them in the corners, along the boards and in front of the net...

We are going to make you a DOMINANT Hockey Player!

Off-Season Domination Hockey Training Program

Off-Season Domination includes a full 6-Phase Hockey Training program, which will provide you with professional designed hockey training workouts throughout the entire off-season.

This 6 month specialized training program is periodized so that you will be peaking, and at your best, for training camp and tryouts.

When you step onto the ice at the end of the summer you will be an absolute MACHINE on the ice, with new found speed, explosiveness, and power - and you will be dominating your opponents on the ice.

Here's what you're getting today:

Phase 1
Duration: 4-5 weeks

The primary objectives within the early off-season are to correct the common structural imbalances that occur with playing hockey for 5-6 months during the in-season as well as add on a good amount of total body muscle tissue in the process.

Within this phase, we really hammer on these imbalances. We do this because if these imbalances go untaken care of, your movement mechanics are not going to be optimal which is going to decrease the quality of your off-ice training and weight training, but also, when your movement mechanics are sub-optimal due to structural differences your risk for injury goes up as well simply because you’re not moving the way you should be and/or one side is weaker than the other.

In taking care of these early in the offseason, we set the stage for an injury-free, high quality training environment this summer where you can put everything into every workout safely and effectively.

In addition to the above, we are utilizing a hypertrophy based programming approach to slap some muscle on you that tends to decrease throughout the season and is going to help you out on the ice next year to be a bigger threat.

Lastly, an introduction to your aerobic base work (conditioning) has been built into this phase.

Phase 2
Duration: 4 weeks

Phase 2 builds upon and really sends home a lot of the goals that were initiated in Phase 1.

This phase, from a resistance training standpoint, we are solidifying and mastering any structural imbalance issues we still had kicking around from the season while simultaneously working on total body muscular hypertrophy.

Now from a conditioning standpoint, we are starting to prime the pump on where your aerobic fitness needs to be as a hockey athlete.

Also, what everybody is waiting for, it’s time to introduce speed work into our periodization model. This is all systemized in a way and synergized with your resistance training and aerobic work that is going to have you peak later on this year in performance from all measures. This phase we introduce speed work to start incorporate the energy systems and movements that are going to have you burning by everybody on the ice.

Phase 3
Duration: 4 weeks

The intensity picks up in Phase 3 with strength training, conditioning and speed work.

Our resistance training is taking care of our intensified strength building work which will pay dividends towards your muscle gain, speed on the ice, stride length/stride frequency, shot power, and inability to get knocked off the puck.

While at the same time, our speed work, mixed cardio session and tempo runs are ensuring our complete mixed energy system development as hockey players into a well-rounded anaerobic-aerobic athlete that’s capable of short duration sprints, but has the endurance to still bring heat late into the 3rd period.

Phase 4
Duration: 4 weeks

The goal of this training phase within the resistance training component is pure strength development, and there is no better way to optimize this than through **edited out, as this is part of our 'hockey training secret sauce'**.

Beyond the 'hockey training secret sauce' work, you’re incorporating some brand new anaerobic conditioning work alongside tempo runs, blood flow sessions, and an amped up speed protocol. This is a lot of work and this phase really articulates how hockey athletes truly need to “have it all”, in that, you need power, strength, hypertrophy, aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance, and alactic (speed) power/capacity. That is a lot to work on and is this phase you have the perfect storm of it all.

Phase 5
Duration: 3 weeks

In phase 5 we incorporate a special type of training that will work on your strength and power. Again I'm keeping tight lips on the type of training until you get into the members area, but will share a few details below.

The concept isn't new — researchers have been studying it since the 1960s, and strength coaches and athletes have been employing it for at least that long — but I never run out of new applications for it. I use it at various times, and with various modifications, with all my athletes.

It's a great way to tap into high-threshold motor units for hypertrophy, or to boost the metabolism to improve body composition. And while you're accomplishing those objectives, you're also changing up your workout in a way that's fun and challenging.

In phase 5 we also increase the Hockey Conditioning workout frequency. This phase is tough, but you’re going to feel great smashing through these workouts with your new found strength from the training, especially also after coming back from a week off deload.

Phase 6
Duration: 3 weeks

This is it boys and girls!

The last crack at becoming a brand-new hockey player this year and having the other guys on the ice and the coach immediately see and feel the difference in the physicality you’re going to bring to the team this year.

I have chosen to utilize a conjugate method system to finish off the offseason. A conjugate system is one that encompasses all qualities physical development into one system. Instead of focusing on just hypertrophy, or just strength, or just power; a conjugate system utilizes rep ranges and strategies from all components of athletic development. This is an excellent phase to finish with because it ensures you are walking into the season with all of your hard-earned gains this year ready to go.

The conditioning has hit an all time peak which is going to give you new lungs on the ice, and that’s in addition to all the speed work you’ve been doing as well which has been systemized to peak at this point too.

You are just about to complete the most comprehensively designed offseason programming system available online, from the introductory phase all the way to Phase 6 has a level of precision and progression that is unmatched. Put everything you have into every rep and set, this last phase is the last chance you have to get that extra development over your competition.

Hockey Speed Program

Speed development for hockey players is no longer in the dark ages; performing long jogs, skating endless laps around the ice or trying to mimic movements with so-called “sport specific” training and having no success.

True speed development comes through proper functional training which means observing the biomechanical, physiological, and bioenergetic demands of the sport and segmentally working backwards in determining kinetic segments, muscle actions, intensities and energy systems required for optimal speed development on the ice.

This means being mobile, structurally balanced, and training the correct energy systems to get a desired hockey specific result. The implementation of the speed workouts in this Off-Season Domination system is going to have an effect on your starting speed, acceleration, and top speed. Not just conditioning or strength, but true speed potential that you already have inside you.

Starting in Phase 2, each phase of the program will have it's own individual Hockey Speed Training Guide to walk you through the specifics of the speed training for that training phase.

Hockey Conditioning Program

Conditioning is one of the most complex aspects to get a full grip of when training for sport, and in specific, hockey.  There are so many underlying mechanisms to performance enhancement and especially conditioning that many coaches either feel too intimidated to take on or simply it flies right over their head going undetected due mainly to the fact that they feel “cardio” work will get their athletes conditioned. This is not the case.

In Off-Season Domination we have included a variety of Hockey Conditioning workouts, and each phase will be accompanied with a Conditioning Guide explaining what type of conditioning work we are performing and why.

These hockey conditioning workouts are designed so you can be explosive and powerful for the entire game, without feeling "gassed" in the 3rd period like many players.  Conditioning makes a HUGE difference between a good player and an elite hockey player.

Hockey Nutrition Program

If you've been following our Hockey Training material you know how big of a role nutrition plays in becoming an elite hockey player and realizing your true potential on the ice.

Our Off-Season Domination program will include a full Hockey Nutrition Program that includes:

  • Hockey Nutrition Guide - a 24 page guide explaining nutrition and the role it has on hockey players
  • "Eating Out" Guide - a guide to help hockey players make good nutritional choices when eating on the go
  • Designing Hockey Meal Plans - how to design meal plans based on your personal goals
  • Hockey Player's Grocery List - a preferred food list helping you make healthy choices at the grocery store
  • Hockey Supplement Guide - a 35 page guide explaining nutritional supplements that can be beneficial to hockey players

This itself is a complete Nutrition Program that will be sold to hockey players on its own, but is included in its entirety in the Off-Season Domination package.

Hockey Meal Plans

Not only will you receive the full Nutrition Program, you will also receive "done for you" Hockey Meal Plans.

You will choose a customized meal plan depending on your current size and goals (gaining weight, losing fat, maintaining weight), and we will be providing you with a meal plan that is very simple to follow using the nutritional guidelines laid out in the program.

This is just another tool that will help you become the best hockey player on the ice next season!

…and that's not it.

We are adding the following bonuses to the Off-Season Domination package...

Bonus #1 - Accelerated Results

Our first bonus is called "Accelerated Results" and includes a package of training manuals that will help you get faster and better results from the program.

This includes our Recovery Strategies and Recovery Explained Guides, Warm Up Program, and Goal Setting Notebook.

Each of these manuals are packed full of quality information and techniques you can use to accelerate your results from your training sessions.

We could sell these guides separately, but they are yours FREE today with the Off-Season Domination Program!

Bonus #2 - Recipe Guides

One of the biggest issues we've heard from hockey players that are trying to eat healthy is that they don't know how to make healthy meals.

We've created a healthy recipe booklet and a healthy smoothie booklet that will provide you with instructions on how to make a number of healthy meals, smoothies and even desserts, to make following your hockey meal plan very easy.

We talk you through how to make each meal, and provide pictures with each as well.

Bonus #3 - Hockey Conditioning Webinar

Hockey Conditioning Program

As a bonus we are throwing in our “Hockey Conditioning 101” Webinar that we ran for a limited number of players…

This is an hour long presentation showing you exactly how the highest level hockey players are being taught to train during the off-season.

You will learn how hockey players should be training their conditioning to perform at top levels for the entire game, and the science behind why it makes sense.

This 1 hour video will help you train like an NHL player so you will feel fresh in the 3rd period and lead your team to more wins!

This Webinar sells on our website for $47, but today we’re giving it to you for FREE with Off-Season Domination.

Bonus #4 - Hockey Speed Development Webinar

Hockey Speed Development

Our 4th bonus is our “Hockey Speed Development” Webinar that we also held live for a limited number of hockey players.

This is 58 minute video presentation teaching you how hockey players can develop their speed to become faster and more explosive on the ice.

You will learn the difference between stride length and stride frequency and how and why you need to train both properly to become a faster player.

You will also learn how to properly train agility and power for hockey, including specific exercises that are great for hockey players looking to improve their speed.

This Speed Webinar also sells on our website for $47, but today we’re throwing it in FREE with the Off-Season Domination package.

Perhaps you're concerned that Off-Season Domination, with everything we've included and all of it's amazing on ice benefits, will cost you quite a bit...

And sure, that makes perfect sense, as Off-Season Domination is worth investing in and it SHOULD cost more than it does.

But we wanted to make this affordable for all hockey players.

I'll cover the price, and the discount you'll get today by ordering from this page with you in just a moment...

But first you need to understand that if you were to hire a high level hockey strength and conditioning coach like Dan It would run you at least $6,000 for the summer assuming 3 workouts per week.

And even if you didn't need a 1-on-1 in-person coach, but wanted a high level hockey training program like this created for you, anything less than $1,000 would be considered a steal.

I've got good news for you though. This program isn't priced in the thousands...

We had thought about charging $997 for Off-Season Domination, which is probably where it should be priced given the value of the program, but I have a much better deal headed your way...

At we have a goal and we’d love for you to be a part of it...

Our goal is to help 15,000 hockey players see massive improvements on the ice this year from using our cutting edge training techniques.

The Good News?

That means a MUCH lower price for you today...because we refuse to let finances stop us from helping you become a better hockey player!

You will not be paying the original price of $997 for Off-Season Domination today...

Your price is a FRACTION of that...

Nope... not even HALF $997...

It won't even be $397!

Your total investment today, including the full 100% online 6-phase Off-Season Domination Hockey Training Program PLUS all of our bonuses is NOW:

Just $97 Today, and 2 more monthly payment of $97!

Here's Everything You're Getting Today...

  • 6-Phase Hockey Training Program
  • Introductory Training Phase
  • Hockey Performance Testing Guidelines
  • Hockey Speed Guides
  • Hockey Conditioning Guides
  • Hockey Nutrition Guides
  • Hockey Meal Plans
  • Accelerated Results Bonus Package
  • Recipe Booklets
  • Bonus Hockey Conditioning Webinar
  • Bonus Hockey Speed Development Webinar

Literally, you can get your hands on the most advanced hockey training program out there, and 4 massive hockey training bonuses for the cost of one hockey stick!

The choice is yours…

Are you ready to become the player that everyone is talking about?

Do you want the scorekeeper to get sick of writing your number on the scoresheet?

Picture yourself blowing by D-men and ripping top corner.  And get used to that image...

Because after going through Off-Season Domination you ARE going to become that player

You ARE going to be the player your coach leans on to win games in the third period.

You ARE going to be the 1st line star player that wins your team games.

And You ARE Going To DOMINATE Every Time You Step On The Ice!

Let's go! Click on the “Add To Cart” button and get started on the path to becoming a stand-out and dominant hockey player...

Just 3 Payments of $97

Try This Program ON ME...

I am so confident that you will see massive improvements on the ice from this Off-Season Domination program that I'm going to give you my TRIPLE GUARANTEE....

If you don't see massive improvements on the ice and score more goals next time you play ... OR:

If you don't have teammates asking you what you did during the off-season to get so fast ... OR:

Even if you don't like the FONT we use in our training programs 😂...

You can email us within 60 days and we will refund you your money.

That is how confident we are that Off-Season Domination is going to make you a DOMINANT player on the ice.

Just 3 Payments of $97

The Results Speak For Themselves...

We've heard nothing but positive results from hockey players of all levels...

Here are some recent emails I've received from hockey players following our programs:

"Your hockey workouts are some of the best I've done. I improved my skating time at camp this year from 21 seconds to 16 seconds when doing a lap around the rink. Thanks for making these workouts."

"Your training has helped me become a beast, we just won our second year in a row city ball hockey championship last week."

"This training has gotten me into the best shape of my life... I love it"

"I went from my AA team and now I'm on AAA thanks so much"

"I'm very impressed with the results I've seen with the offseason program, my snap shot is quicker and I'm 3 times as fast as I was on the ice"

"I just made a senior AA team as a 19 year old - youngest on the roster. I have scored & set up a lot of great plays so far"

"I've gone from being a player no one really cares about to being one of the strongest and fastest by quite a degree"

Just 3 Payments of $97

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q.  What ages is this Off-Season Domination Program for?

This program was designed for athletes 14+ years old.  If you are looking for a training program for younger hockey players check out our Youth Training Program.

Q.  What equipment do I need access to for the workouts?

You will need access to a full gym with the regular barbells, dumbbells, and machines that a full gym would offer.   We do have other hockey training programs that don't require a full gym membership, but because this is a high level complete hockey training program we take advantage of all the tools available to us at most gyms.

Q.  Will I receive anything in the mail?

No, our programs are 100% online.  Thankfully with the way the internet has evolved, we are able to offer a fully digital program, which has kept costs at a fraction of the price they would be otherwise.

Once you have signed up you will create a username and sign into the members area.  From there you can access and download all of the program's material.

Just 3 Payments of $97

Don't make the same mistake I made.  You will regret it, like I still do to this day.  Click here to join the Hockey Training team now!

Note: Off-Season Domination is a completely downloadable series of e-manuals. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the product guides onto your computer (no waiting or shipping costs). The format for all manuals, workbooks, and checklists, is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC, and even most mobile phones.

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