For Hockey Players:

Relatively Unknown Hockey Training "Secret" Will Have You Skating Faster, Scoring More Goals, and Leading Your Team To More Wins Next Season...

"Are you using new, cutting edge hockey training techniques… or outdated methods that don't work?"

Long gone are the days when hockey players can go to the gym and workout like the average guy and expect to be "in shape" for hockey season...

But unfortunately there are still lots of young hockey players who don't follow a hockey training program during the summer...

...And they fall flat in tryouts or training camp, getting cut from teams or put in the coaches bad books for showing up to tryouts out of shape.

So what about YOU?

Are you using the new, cutting edge hockey training workouts that NHL, semi-pro, and high-level junior hockey players are using?

…or are you putting yourself at a disadvantage on ice using outdated techniques?

I’m Kevin, owner of, but since you’re on this page I’m guessing you already know who I am…

…so let me get straight into how I’m going to help you score more goals, dominate on the ice, and make the jump to the first line of your team or to make the hockey team you’re going to be trying out for in the fall.

Today I want to give you access to our newest hockey training program called “Next Level Performance”.

Next Level Performance is a full done for you hockey training system that will have you skating faster, blowing by opponents and scoring more goals within just a few weeks.

This tested, proven, and efficient blueprint for taking your hockey game to the next level can work for you, EVEN IF you think you've tried it all.

The creator of this hockey training system, Dan Garner, is a popular hockey strength and conditioning coach working out of Alberta, Canada.

Dan has put an endless amount of time and effort into his hockey training research and he has invested thousands of dollars to work with the smartest people in the hockey strength and conditioning industry.

He has used his experience and gained knowledge to create the most complete Hockey Training Program available online.

I Want You To Know That This is Different is.

So many hockey players these days are still doing workouts that were designed for the general public, and aren't hockey specific.

This includes bodybuilding type workouts, long slow jogs or bike rides for "cardio", or just old hockey training techniques that are out-dated and aren't what the elite hockey players are using.

...sure those are better than nothing, but they aren't what will take your game to the next level...

And I know you want to be the best player on the ice, which is why I want to get you started with our new training program that uses hockey training "secrets" that only the best players know about.

What Our Program ISN'T

Before I tell you what Next Level Performance is, I need to tell you what it ISN'T, so there's no false expectations...

Next Level Performance is NOT some magic pill or formula making you wake up a better hockey player tomorrow morning.

Rather, Next Level Performance is the direct result of over 9 years of study, and years of digging through the trenches to find what REALLY works for hockey players.

This passionate research revealed SPECIFIC PATTERNS that the truly successful NHL players do that's virtually hidden from the public!

And now, starting TODAY, their success can be your success.

By simply putting in the work during the off-season into these hockey workouts you can be reaping the benefits of skating faster, blowing by opponents, and lighting up the scoresheet... allowing you to become a better "go to" hockey player, quicker and far easier than you've ever dreamed possible.

Now, before we go any further, I need to come clean:

If you're just after some "magic pill" that will make you a better hockey player overnight

Then you need to forget about become an elite hockey player...

This is for players who are ready to stop looking for "miracles" and start putting in the work to become a better hockey player.

What we've done is made Next Level Performance as straight forward as humanly possible...

So, while becoming the best hockey player on the ice isn't "easy" (nothing worthwhile is), THIS makes it more of a snap!

So, if you really want to:

  • Skate Faster
  • Blow By Opponents
  • Score More Goals
  • And All Around DOMINATE On The Ice

Then guess what? Next Level Performance isn't "an" answer for you - it's the ONLY ANSWER for you.

Next Level Performance Hockey Training Program

phase1-nlpA full 5-Phase Hockey Training program, which will provide you with professionally designed hockey training workouts throughout the entire off-season.

This 5 month specialized training program is periodized so that you be peaking and at your best for training camp and tryouts.

When you step onto the ice at the end of the summer you will be an absolute MACHINE on the ice, with new found speed, explosiveness, and power - and you will be dominating your opponents on the ice.

Here's what you're getting today:

  • Cutting edge hockey workouts that are laid out for you in an easy to read and follow format with exercise video demonstrations to ensure you know exactly what you‘re doing.
  • 5 phases of training, which are specially periodized to prevent burnout and have you entering tryouts in the best shape of your life.
  • A Hockey Training Guide that will fully explain why elite hockey players do these type of workouts so you‘ll know why you‘re seeing such crazy improvements on the ice when you step back on for your first game!

…and that's not it.

For a limited time we are adding the following bonuses to the Next Level Performance package...

Bonus #1 - Accelerated Results

acceleratedOur first bonus is called "Accelerated Results" and includes a package of training manuals that will help you get faster and better results from the program.

This includes our Recovery Strategies and Recovery Explained Guides, Supplement Guide, Situational Stacks Manual, Warm Up Program, Deload Guide, and Goal Setting Notebook.

Each of these manuals are packed full of quality information and techniques you can use to accelerate your results from your training sessions.

With the accelerate results package we've had hockey players noticing the difference on the ice literally within days.

If we split up this package and listed them individually for sale on our website they would retail for over $197, but today they are yours FREE with the Next Level Performance Program.

Bonus #2 - "Next Level Conditioning"


Next Level Conditioning is a full 4 Phase Hockey Conditioning training program giving you 5 months of conditioning workouts similar to what elite NHL players do in the off-season. These cutting edge techniques will not only allow you to have more energy throughout the entire game, you will also be skating faster because of it. Your opponents won't know what hit them in the third period when you're flying by them.

The Next Level Conditioning workouts are laid out for you in an easy to read and follow format with exercise video demonstrations to ensure you know exactly what you‘re doing.

The 4 phases are specially periodized to prevent burnout and have you entering tryouts in the best shape of your life.

The Hockey Conditioning Guide will also fully explain why elite hockey players do these type of conditioning workouts so you‘ll know why you‘re seeing such crazy improvements on the ice when you step back on for your first game.

The retail price for Next Level Conditioning is $147, but we couldn't leave it out of the Next Level Performance package, so it's yours FREE today with Next Level Performance.

If you're looking for the most efficient hockey training program on the planet, then you've probably already figured out that Next Level Performance is your answer, as it allows you the most efficient way to become a stand out player on the ice.

And, the results come fast too...

In fact, players have noticed a difference on the ice after just two training sessions... Which is amazing, considering most uneducated hockey players waste the whole summer with out dated techniques.

Bonus #3 - Hockey Conditioning Webinar

Hockey Conditioning Program

As a bonus we are throwing in our “Hockey Conditioning 101” Webinar that we ran for a limited number of players…

This is an hour long presentation showing you exactly how the best NHL players are being taught to train during the off-season.

You will learn how hockey players should be training their conditioning to perform at top levels for the entire game, and the science behind why it makes sense.

This 1 hour video will help you train like an NHL player so you will feel fresh in the 3rd period and lead your team to more wins!

This Webinar sells on our website for $47, but today we’re giving it to you for FREE with Next Level Performance.

Bonus #4 - Hockey Nutrition Program


You'll ALSO receive this fast-action Super Bonus worth $197... and this is a VERY limited offer...

Our Next Level Performance Nutrition Program includes a Nutrition Guide, full made for you Meal Plans, and Healthy Recipe Booklet.

The Nutrition Guide explains how and why hockey players need to eat for top performance both on the ice and in the gym.  You will learn how to eat if you need to put on some muscle or if you need to lose some body fat.  This guide ties in with our made for you Meal Plans which you will learn about below...

The Meal Plans are customized for your size and goals.  You will be provided with a meal plan which includes exactly what foods to eat on training days and non-training days, to help get you in the best shape possible.  You will feel better on the ice and you will be a better hockey player following these healthy meal plans.

The Healthy Recipe Booklet provides you with instructions on how to make many different healthy meals and desserts to make following your hockey meal plan very easy.  We walk you through how to make each meal, and provide pictures with each as well.

Because nutrition is extremely, these manuals will help you become a better hockey player even FASTER.

Bonus #5 - Off-Ice Hockey Training Videos

stickhandling-demonstrations-smallI was going to keep this as a surprise in the member's area, but I will let you in on my final "secret" bonus that you're going to receive FREE today with the NLP program.

We have filmed some hockey training exercises you can perform at home (or on the ice) that will help you with your stickhandling and shooting.

To go with your new blazing speed, power and explosiveness you're going to have once you get started with Next Level Performance you're going to want to make sure your stick handling and shooting improves as well, so you can literally climb up the hockey ranks as the best player on each team you play on.

This video series will sell on our website for $47 but again it's included free!

Don't Train For Hockey This Summer Without This Program...

Perhaps you're concerned that Next Level Performance, with all of it's amazing on ice benefits, will cost you quite a bit...

And sure, that makes perfect sense, as Next Level Performance is worth investing in and it SHOULD cost more than it does:

Considering Next Level Performance has been created from years of testing on hockey players... And Dan has spent thousands of dollars and countless hours to improve his strength and conditioning education...

But we wanted to make this affordable for all hockey players.

I'll cover the cost, and the discount you'll get today by ordering from this page with you in just a moment...

But first you need to understand that if you were to hire a high level hockey strength and conditioning coach like Dan It would run you at least $6,000 for the summer assuming 3 workouts per week.

This program isn't priced in the thousands though...

The price of Next Level Performance is going to be $997 in the future.

Yet, that price is NOT for you… I have a much better deal headed your way, so by all means keep reading...

Of course, you could choose to continue down the path you're on right now...

Without any real, proper hockey training advice from a certified strength and conditioning specialist. And end up spending 10, 20, even 100 times more effort and wasted time in trying to become a better hockey player.

And we both know you don’t want that.

So, let's just make this an easy decision for you today, okay?

Look: You deserve to know why I'm slashing the retail price of Next Level Performance today...

Not to sound corny, but at we have a dream... and I’d love for you to be a part of it, along with the many others who desire:

To get faster on the ice… To blow by opponents… and to DOMINATE every time you step on the ice.

Our goal is to help 10,000 hockey players see massive improvements on the ice this year from using our cutting edge training techniques.

And, with this 'take action now' mentality, you can actually be a part of that group.

The Good News?

That means a MUCH lower price for you today...because frankly, I want you to join my cause, and I refuse to let finances stop you!

That means you will not be paying the retail value of $997 for Next Level Performance today...

You're price is a FRACTION of that...

Nope... not even HALF $997...

It won't even be $397!

Your total investment today, including Next Level Performance PLUS all of our bonuses is NOW:

Just $97 today, and two more monthly payments of $97!

Literally, you can get your hands on the best hockey training program out there, and 5 massive hockey training bonuses for the cost of one hockey stick!

The choice is yours…

Click the “Add To Cart” button and get started on the path to becoming a star hockey player...

Add To Cart - Just $97 Today

Don't Decide Today.... Try This ON ME...

I am so confident in this Next Level Performance program that I'm going to give you my TRIPLE GUARANTEE....

If you don't see massive improvements on the ice and score more goals next time you play ... OR:

If you don't have teammates asking you what you did during the off-season to get so fast ... OR:

Even if you don't like the FONT we use in our training programs...

You can email us within 60 days and we will refund you your money.

That is how confident we are that Next Level Performance is going to make you a STAR player on the ice.

Add To Cart - Just $97 Today

The Results Speak For Themselves... 

We've heard nothing but positive results from hockey players of all levels...

Here are some recent emails I've received from hockey players following our programs:

"This training has gotten me into the best shape of my life... I love it"

"I went from my AA team and now I'm on AAA thanks so much"

"I'm very impressed with the results I've seen with the offseason program, my snap shot is quicker and I'm 3 times as fast as I was on the ice"

"I just made a senior AA team as a 19 year old - youngest on the roster. I have scored & set up a lot of great plays so far"

"I've gone from being a player no one really cares about to being one of the strongest and fastest by quite a degree"

Add To Cart - Just $97 Today

Note: Next Level Performance is a completely downloadable series of e-manuals. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the product guides onto your computer (no waiting or shipping costs). The format for all manuals, workbooks, and checklists, is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC, and even most mobile phones.

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