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Below is a list of our hockey training programs and links to where you can get access to each. If you are serious about becoming a better hockey player we highly recommend you start training with one of the following workout programs.

What Type of Hockey Training Program Are You Looking For?

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Off-Season Domination – 2017 Hockey Training Program

Off-Season Domination includes a full 6-Phase Hockey Training program, which will provide you with professionally designed hockey training workouts throughout the entire off-season. This includes a full strength program, with conditioning and speed workouts synergized into the program to make you dominate in all facets of the game. You will notice massive improvements in your speed, strength, power, agility, explosiveness and conditioning!

Your goal shouldn’t be just to play well at your hockey tryouts or training camp – you want to be that standout and dominant hockey player that everyone who’s watching notices.  This training program is periodized so that you will be peaking and at your best for training camp and tryouts.

When you step onto the ice at the end of the summer you will be an absolute MACHINE on the ice, with new found speed, explosiveness, and power – and you will be dominating your opponents on the ice.

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Hockey Speed – “The Guide To Skating Faster”

Hockey Speed ProgramThis Hockey Speed ebook was published on Amazon in May and quickly became a #1 Best Seller in their hockey category.

You will learn how to train to increase your speed on the ice, and it includes our “Next Level Speed” training program that will make you a faster skater in just weeks.

This is a 67-page guide that spills all of the hockey speed training secrets, and is both an in-depth read on the subject, but also very easy to understand.

The workouts provided in this book can be done along side your hockey training weight lifting and conditioning workouts, and will really help you stand out on the ice.

As they say “Speed Kills”, and this is the #1 guide for hockey speed out there.

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Men’s League Hockey Training Program

Men's League ProgramThis one is for the Men’s League hockey players.  Because us older hockey players don’t have a lot of time to spend in the gym, this training program is just 3 workouts a week.  Each workout is designed to get you in and our of the gym in under an hour.

The program was designed to run year round, because most Men’s League players are playing 1 or 2 games per week year round, with no other practices or ice times.  There is no real off-season for Men’s League players, so we try to make improvements in the gym year round.

The Men’s League Domination training plan is designed to make you a faster player on the ice in just a few weeks, and will also help you lose any unwanted body fat that is slowing you down.  We use one month-long phases, putting you through each workout four times before switching you to a new phase and completely different style of training.

Men’s League Domination has a full 100% Triple Guarantee – if you don’t love the program and notice massive improvements on the ice you pay nothing. Just email us within 60 days and let us know.  We are that confident in the results, because we’ve seen them on Men’s League players time and time again.

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Next Level Conditioning Program

Hockey Conditioning ProgramYou can have the most hockey skill in the world, but if you’re not in proper hockey game shape you won’t stand out on the ice for long.

This Next Level Conditioning program is designed to give you NHL player like conditioning, so you don’t fatigue in the third period when the game is on the line.

Have you ever noticed you slow down in the later part of the games? This program will help you have the same energy in the third period as you do in the first.  You will be skating faster and scoring more goals because of it.

The conditioning workouts include 4 phases that will have you peaking for tryouts or training camp and have you entering in the best shape of your life.  It also includes workouts you can do with no equipment at all!

If you want to take your game to the next level you need to be the player who stands out on the ice throughout the entire game.  The Next Level Conditioning program will take you to that elite level.

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Youth Hockey Training Guide

Youth ProgramPlease don’t be one of the hockey parents who believe training can “stunt your growth” or that training is unsafe for young hockey players!

You will be doing your child a disservice if you don’t help them out with their hockey training at a young age.

If you want to help your kid become a better hockey player you need to read our “Youth Hockey Training Guide” which will teach you why certain types of training are safe for players 13 years old and younger, and then will show you how you can help train them to improve their game.

Do your kid a favor and help them become the star hockey player on their team…

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Lighting The Lamp Training Program

lighting-lamp-hockey-trainingDo you wish you could score more goals?  Of course you do, who doesn’t like scoring goals.  Well, good news…

Our new “Lighting The Lamp” grip strength training guide is designed to help you score more goals by helping you get a quicker, harder and more accurate shot.

This Lighting The Lamp program includes a full 19-week training plan that will help you increase your grip strength leading to more goals.  The workouts are very quick and can be added at the end of your current training sessions or done alone.  You will only need to do 2-3 workouts per week to improve your shot in just a few short week!

Full details on what you will receive with this program can be found by clicking on the link below to watch a quick presentation about the product.

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Men’s League 1 Month Blitz

hockey-training-small-copyOur second program designed for older (20+ years old) hockey players is an advanced training program that will help hockey players shed unwanted body fat, leading to blazing quick speed and better on ice conditioning.

Think of the fastest skater on your team.  Imagine you gave them a 25-pound weight to carry around with them on the ice when skating.  Of course, they would be a much slower skater.  That is what extra body fat is doing to you!

This 4-week program is a fat loss blitz designed for hockey players to help improve speed and power, quickness, and conditioning making you an all around better and more dominant player on the ice.  The results are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee like all of our hockey training programs, so give it a try by clicking on the link below.

Click here to get access to Men’s League 1 Month Blitz…


Hockey Coaches – Next Level Coaching

Hockey Coaches Training ProgramAre you a hockey coach who wants to help your team win a championship?

In order to help your hockey team win more games, and ultimately a championship, you need to make sure that they are one of the fastest and best-conditioned teams on the ice.

Old school drills, like “suicides”, at the end of hockey practices won’t get the job done these days, and you need to start incorporating proper hockey training and conditioning drills if you want to help your team win.

Dan has created the ultimate guide for hockey coaches that will teach you about proper hockey training for your team, and give you access to workouts and drills you can do with your team that will make them not only in better hockey condition but also faster skaters because of it.  And we all know that speed wins hockey games.

Click here for access the Next Level Coaching guide…


Hockey Nutrition Package

Hockey Nutrition ProgramIf you’ve been following our Hockey Training material you know how big of a role nutrition plays in becoming an elite hockey player and realizing your true potential on the ice. We are now offering a full Hockey Nutrition Program that includes the following:

Hockey Nutrition Guide – a 24-page guide explaining nutrition and the role it has on hockey players

“Eating Out” Guide – a guide to help hockey players make good nutritional choices when eating on the go

Designing Hockey Meal Plans – how to design meal plans based on your personal goals

Hockey Player’s Grocery List – a preferred food list helping you make healthy choices at the grocery store

Hockey Supplement Guide – a 35-page guide explaining nutritional supplements that can be beneficial to hockey players

“Done For You” Hockey Meal Plans – You will choose a customized meal plan depending on your current size and goals (gaining weight, losing fat, maintaining weight), and we will be providing you with a meal plan that is very simple to follow using the nutritional guidelines laid out in the program.

If you were to hire Coach Garner to create this nutrition package for you, it would cost well over $500, but we are offering the full Off-Season Hockey Nutrition Package for just $197 $97 for a limited time!

Click here to purchase the Off-Season Nutrition Package


Hockey Conditioning 101 Webinar

Hockey Conditioning ProgramAre you a hockey player that struggles to stay at full speed in the third period when the game is on the line?  Do you have to shorten your shifts because you’re tired?

Don’t let your conditioning hold you back!

95% of hockey player aren’t training properly for conditioning, and in this 1-hour presentation Dan shows you the mistakes hockey players are making, and how to train your conditioning properly as a hockey player.

Conditioning has a direct correlation with speed, and we all know to be the best hockey player on the ice you need to be fast.  Watch this webinar and learn how to train like the pros.

While Dan charges hundreds of dollars for live seminars, this online Webinar version gives us a chance to offer it to you at a steal of a price.  Instead of paying hundreds of dollars, today you can get instant access to the Hockey Conditioning 101 Webinar for just $47.

So are you ready to be the best player on the ice?  To stand out and be the guy counted on to score the big goals?

Click here to purchase the Hockey Conditioning 101 Webinar Video


Hockey Speed Development Webinar

Hockey Speed DevelopmentSpeed kills in hockey, and if you can increase your speed on the ice you will instantly become a better player.

The great thing is that speed can be taught through proper skating and training for speed.  In this webinar video Coach Dan talks about stride length vs stride frequency and how to train each.  He also covers agility and conditioning, which both tie into speed.  You will learn how to properly train for power (speed) and what NOT to do with your training, why and how nutrition plays a role in speed, and how to schedule your speed training.  The running time for this hockey speed development training video is 55 minutes, and you can get access today for just $47.

Click here to purchase the Hockey Speed Development Webinar Video


High Performance – Complete In-Season Training Program

high-performance-hockey-program-binderMost hockey players make improvements to their speed, power, conditioning, etc during the off-season – only to lose the improvements during the hockey season.

We’ve created a high-performance in-season hockey training program that will not only let you keep your off-season improvements but help you become an even better hockey player during the season and have you peaking for the most important time of the year – playoffs!

This in-season program will help increase your speed, power, agility, quickness, and conditioning throughout the season, while your opponents who aren’t training properly will be getting worse.  By the end of the year you will be dominating out on the ice!

Click here to get access to “High Performance” in-season training program…


More About Hockey Training Programs:

There are two different “seasons” for a hockey player – the in-season and the off-season.  Hockey players need to be training differently during these two seasons in order to get the most out of their hockey training and improve on the ice.

Men's League HockeyThe off-season is when hockey players will need to have a 100% focus on their training and work hard at getting stronger, more powerful and more explosive, which will directly transfer to being faster, more explosive and all around better on the ice during the season.  A professionally designed hockey training program is necessary to ensure you are going through the proper periodization so you come into training camp or tryouts at your best.

During the season our goal is to maintain the improvements and gains we made during the off-season so that we can perform at a top level throughout the season and stay injury free.  Hockey players that don’t have a proper training plan in place to follow during the season will often get weaker, more injury prone, and start to decline at the end of the season when the most important games are being played.  We create our in-season hockey training programs to ensure that you will be dominating your opponents all the way throughout your hockey season.

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